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Understanding Credit

Credit is one of the most important components in the mortgage approval process.

Lenders look at a borrower’s credit score, number of open accounts, payment history, type of credit borrowed and a series of other factors when determining what level of risk to access to each lending scenario.

Down payment requirements, loan program, flexibility on income, and even interest rates can be impacted by a slight bump in a credit score.

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Things You Need to Know About Your Credit

Your credit score is an important asset just like your home, car, or retirement savings and just like any valuable asset you own you need to actively protect that asset. Secrets Revealed – 15 Things You Need to Know About Your Credit.

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General Information About Credit Scores

Credit scoring can be difficult to understand at times but try to remember that the score is only made up of five factors.

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Credit Repair – Strategies Revealed

In depth credit building strategies, Keeping track to repair and build credit, How to avoid pit falls in credit repairing, and much much more in the downloadable E-book.

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Alternate Source for Establishing Credit

While the basic Rule-of-Thumb for acceptable credit history is a minimum of four trade lines documented on a credit report, there are alternative methods of building a credit picture that an underwriter can use to make a decision for a loan approval.

For potential home buyers with little or no credit history, keeping records for 12 months of paying bills on time is essential for mortgage loan approval.

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