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Does Your Mortgage Loan Officer …

As a Real Estate Professional I’m sure you are currently working with a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO), and that he/she does a pretty good job for you, otherwise you wouldn’t send your business. I’m also aware that other MLOs solicit for your business each month. They all offer the same thing, such as great rates, low cost, fast closings, and the best service in town. Heck, I can do that too; we are all very competitive in these areas. The questions are… What do they give you in return? Do they offer you ways to expand your business?

I have recently been working exclusively with several Realtors but my team and I are preparing to set up our efforts and open the doors to additional Real Estate Professionals. I wish I could list all of the additional services, tools, and resources I have to offer, there are just too many to cover. At this time I would like to share just some of the material that I bring to the table, and although financing is my main service as a Mortgage Loan Officer, it is not even listed below.

Does your current MLO offer you …

  • Endorsement Letters
  • Audio Testimonial capture
  • Video Slide show for clients (closing gift)
  • Real Estate Marketing Newsletter (provides online marketing links, tools, & resources)
  • Social Media Networking & Marketing material (Face Book, Twitter, & many more)
  • Google Places tutorial and tips
  • How to create  a Website in 24 hours
  • Keyword research
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • “Real Estate Video Marketing Workshop” (from creating a video to posting it over the internet, Marketing Campaign that works)
  • Instant exposure to your listing on Boca Raton Real Estate Vids (site viewed by thousands of potential buyers every month)
  • Round Table Discussion
  • Goal Setting/ Business Planning
  • Much more…

Contact me immediately to start receiving these great services and take your business to the next level. My team and I can only handle a certain number of Real Estate Professionals at once to ensure positive results. So please make sure to contact me immediately.

My Real Estate Marketing Newsletter is always available to everyone. I publish a series of reports and newsletters for the local real estate community showing links to great online resources, marketing strategies, and other tools that are helpful to many successful real estate agents. Only takes a minute to sign up. You will see right from the first issue the value of my newsletter. In my first issue we cover Google Places. Your competition has a Google Places account, Do you? Get your contact info on top of the search engines. Click Here To Sign Up Today!

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